Organic Latex Mattress

Once upon a time there was a woman whom we will call Vanilla that loved the outside and everything natural. She ate granola, and was a vegetarian. She slept on an organic latex mattress and each product in her property was as organic as they come. She preached organic to all of her nonbelieving friends, who were somewhat receptive, although not totally obsessed about the idea.

1 morning she awoke from a wonderful sleep on her organic latex mattress and decided that she would get back to the life of nonorganic. It had been such a long time that she had lived the approach to life of the nonbelieving, nonorganics that she needed to see whether there was anything in it for her and just retry it for a time to see if she was actually passing up on the typical lifestyle that her close friends engaged in. See this guide on best bed frame for overweight person

Well, it was surprisingly okay mostly. She knew she couldn’t do without her organic best latex mattress since it had turn out to be a friend to her, however the hamburger she had was delicious. Actually, it was from a cow that hadn’t been injected with steroids, and also the milk she drank wasn’t filled with growth hormone or antibiotics, but she felt she had an additional balanced life. She in fact had extra energy to undertake things during the day. Not everything in her house was organic anymore, although she still didn’t use a microwave or drink from plastic containers mainly because she knew they leached chemicals into the liquid and messed up her hormones.

Vanilla actually tried sleeping on a typical latex mattress that was some type of a blend of synthetic and natural latexes, but she found herself itching and congested. She speedily returned to her mattress, and figured that had been the very best balance for her. One thing though that she relished in this new and extra balanced life was some good old processed milk chocolate every once in an even though, but for the most part she still ate carob or dark chocolate instead when she had a hunkering for chocolate.

The moral of Vanilla’s story is usually that there is always an equilibrium in life, and you can get to extremes. Needless to say she still kept her organic latex mattress for the reason that it served her most effective. There is nothing wrong with win-win situations, and for the most component in her life she felt she was a winner simply because she was serving herself even though serving nature at the same time. But what she realized was that here on God’s green earth that we are here to make choices and that when we are moderate we tend to be peaceful the most. There is certainly not wrong with leaning 1 way or another to a certain degree. Her organic latex mattress was a symbol of keeping to the great techniques that she had learned, whilst also living a life that wasn’t too constrained.

Choose your artificial Christmas trees wisely

Now that you have made a decision to purchase artificial Christmas trees from the wide variety found in the market, what do you do next? How can you make the right decision on purchasing the best artificial Christmas tree which will be able to find a place in your house?

Well, the first thing that you do is to go online and check out the different brands that are selling the artificial Christmas trees. Find out the ones that have a good reputation, and go through a few customer reviews. Of course, this will lead to the natural selection of a few brands that not only stand out from the crowd, but also ensure that you can get the maximum benefit when purchasing those products.

If possible, get yourself to a store that sells the best artificial Christmas trees and have a look at the quality of the product in question. That way, with proper physical interaction, you would be able to see the quality of the product which will adorn your house during the holiday season.

The next thing for you to do is to fix a budget and stick to it when purchasing the artificial Christmas trees. Of course, the flexibility of $ 20 is necessary in order to purchase a product that justifies the excessive cost. However, anything more than that and you are setting yourself up for a hard time in the Christmas season.

3 Important Tips for Moving With Kids

I always knew that moving to a new home in a new part of the city would be a transition. I knew that it would be a transition for me and for the kids, however, I didn’t realize just how much of a transition it would be. During the whole house searching phase, in the back of my mind I knew that the kids would probably take it a little hard leaving their childhood home and backyard basketball rim. When we finally found our new home in the heart of the city, I knew that the kids would miss seeing their next door friends who would enter through our side gate and walk right into our house. When we moved in, I knew that the kids would need to see that there were parks near our new home and plenty of kids on our new block. What I did NOT take into account was the affect this transition would have on me! The wear and tear and the lessons that would come from it. Over the past weeks, I’ve learned 3 Important Tips for Moving With Kids. Tips that will affect them directly and indirectly, but that will have a huge impact on the way your entire family experience the start of this new season in your lives.Related image

The New Place

I’d been so concerned about how the children would respond to this new move that I didn’t allow the space for my own processing. Our new home is beautiful, on a picturesque street, and filled with friendly neighbors but… it’s still new. It’s very different from our old home in space and age, with most of it’s decorative wood finishes dating back 200 years or more. 12 foot ceilings and 10ft windows that welcome in light from the early morning dawn to the last glimmer of dust. Another difference is in the space. Older homes usually mean great design features but smaller rooms. Not a big deal and definitely no reason to complain (this is not complaining), it’s just different. New. How to say goodbye to a home that I’ve lived in for almost eight years? A place that was the only home I’ve ever lived in. Like ever. Yet, as life and seasons change, so must we. And that’s just what we did.

Where am I now after having finished a full week of living in our new home?

Making my way. I’ve had a couple silent melt downs after being confronted with yet another box that needed to be emptied. Got a little discouraged at needing groceries and having no clue as to where there nearest store was. Completely overwhelmed when my 3 year old got strep throat (probably a present from a friend!) and wanted to be held for two days straight. And definitely worn out when my two older children both spiked over 102 degree fevers at the same time (thanks to little brother!). Yet, I also experienced gratefulness when I looked out at my clean and organized living and dining room – let’s not talk about the other rooms yet. lol! I felt comfort laying on couch and watching a movie with my hubby after the kids had gone to sleep. And I felt excitement at knowing that our new location will allow my husband to arrive home a whole hour earlier than before! Give and take. Step by step. Breathe, feel, and then find something to be grateful for. That’s where I am.

What I’ve Learned and Tips to Share

I don’t know if moving is ever an easy feat. Whether you’re moving from one floor to the another (we’ve done this before), moving to another city, state, or country. Moving is hard! Yet there are ways that you can make this time go as smooth as possible… especially when you have little people in tow.

3 Important Tips for Moving With Kids


1. Pack Ahead of time!

Don’t wait until the week of to start packing. You may think, “There’s seven days in a week, surely that’ll be enough time.” It’s not! Start packing two or three weeks ahead of your move date. Depending on the size of the home, you may even need a little more time. Something that I found helpful was to go room by room and figure out what needed to be donated or thrown out. This way, after all of those things were removed, I knew everything that was left was going with us to our new home. This goes for the bathroom cabinets and even the pantry! You’d be surprised at what expired “gems” you’ll find all the way in the back corners.

Boxing up out-of-season clothing, bedding, and anything else that you won’t need for a while will help with your early packing, too. Then as you get even closer to moving day, maybe a week before, pull out outfits and items you’ll need for that week and box everything else up. It may sound like a lot of work (and it is), but spreading it out and packing ahead of time will help balance getting ready for your move and taking care of the everyday demands that are sure to continue.

2. Get Help!

You ARE Superwomen! You ARE Supermen! However, even superheroes need help from time to time and believe me, moving is one of those times! ha! There are numerous ways you can get help with your move. You can gather a group of your most awesome friends to come help with cleaning, packing, loading, moving, and/or unloading. Hire a moving company to take your packed boxes and furniture to your new location. Or Hire a moving company to do it all! There are companies who will pack up your entire house, take it to your new home, and unpack everything for you! Crazy, right? Definitely a price difference between this and ordering a couple of “thank you” pizzas for your friends, but it’s still an option.

Another way that you can ask for help is with childcare. Be sure to reach out to family members, close friends, or neighbors that you trust and ask if you’re kids can hang out with them for the day or overnight. Having time to direct all the movers and unpack some boxes without breaking up fights or answering the same question 20 times in a row is so worth it!

3. Give Grace

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, moving is a transition and transitions can be difficult for both children and parents. Give each other grace. Give grace your child as they jump with joy about your move one minute and are clinging to you in tears that they will miss their old room in the next. Give grace to yourself when you realize that your living space will be different or that you will have to find a new grocery store, community center, sport camps for your kids, and group of friends for yourself. Moving = growing. Internally and externally and, although exciting, it may will time to find your “familiar.” (Totally preaching to the choir on this one!) So, before the big day arrives, start the conversation and let grace be a BIG part of it.

Ahh, moving. It’s like a huge piñata covered in bright cheery colors. Enticing and yet filled with so many different emotions and experiences. Nevertheless, it’s another family adventure and one worth taking. So, grab a stick and break open that box because it’s time to move!

Did you find these 3 Important Tips for Moving With Kids helpful? Let me know in the comments below.


We celebrated our big boy’s 8th birthday this summer. This was one year that we didn’t have to ask over and over again what he would like to do to celebrate. He had planned it out 3-4 months in advance… Legoland! We invited a few of his close friends, along with his two siblings and grandparents, and set out on our latest exciting adventure building skyscrapers at Legoland!

Building Skyscrapers at Legoland


I’d never visited Legoland before but I was looking forward it. It was a bucket list family outing that we had trouble finding time to actually go and do. Planning it for a birthday celebration was the perfect solution. Upon walking up to Legoland in Schaumburg, IL, you are immediately greeted by a giant giraffe named Lela. You have to walk under her body to enter the building. After getting your tickets, you have the option of standing in front of a green screen and taking a photo that will be available for purchase at the end of your time there or moving on to the first exhibit.

The first exhibit is a small lego version of the city of Chicago that includes Navy Pier with boats and the ferris wheel, skyscrapers, concerts in the park, the Chicago Theatre, construction sites, and more. The kids had a fun time pointing out places they recognized. Just before leaving that area, President Obama makes himself available for family photos and selfie shots (lego-inspired, of course).

At the entrance of the Jungle Expedition, Indiana Jones welcomes you to come explore large life-like tigers, monkeys, hippos, and snakes. It’s a little dark in there, so little ones may need a hand to squeeze. A room with a BIG lego table just begging to be touched and played with is just on the other side of the jungle. Tall building structures take up the middle part of the table while small chairs and hundreds (if not thousands) of lego pieces are supplied to let the imagination run free.

Legoland also has a movie theater with a 4D feature showing for all it’s guests. The movie was about 15-20 minutes, but was pretty entertaining… especially when watching the kids almost jump out of their seats as animals seem to escape the screen. I totally laughed a couple times. lol!

There is an indoor playground complete with climbing tunnels, water play area, and rides! Here is one of the two rides that are at Legoland and what I like about them the most is that parents can get on too! Totally not ashamed. I fully embrace the inner kid in me as often as I’m allowed.  Besides, it was fun! Also in the playground section are snacks and seating if you need a little break.


We had a wonderful time building skyscrapers at Legoland.. and watching the cool movie and going on rides and seeing cities built out of legos AND building some awesome structures of our own. Both of my two younger children are already planning their birthday parties at Legoland. I guess we’ll be heading that way again – very soon.

Interested in checking out Legoland for yourself? Visit their Legoland Discovery Center website to find a location near you!