What Is The Best Toilet To Buy

The best toilet to buy should have these features:

  • It should be a Gravity-type (less noise no over-flow) toilet with siphonic-action that has direct-fed jetted (push the waste from bowl to trapway) bowls with NO holes in the rim (clean, seamless, full-volume) so water can maintain its force, 3 to 4 inches full-glazed trapway (pushes waste down faster with no choking section).
  • It should have a Maximum Performance Test Rate of 500 grams (if its using 1.28 gallons per flush) and 1,000 grams (if its using 1.60 gallons per flush)
  • One-piece toilets for no leaking, easy cleaning and installation
  • It should be an ADA Height complaint for a comfortable toilet time, its good for adults
  • Elongated bowls are a lot better so you have plenty of area supporting your weight as you sit on the bowl and have longer space for men to aim as they urinate
  • Bowl finish should be a Sanagloss or Everclean, these are supper smooth and anti-bacterial
  • Double Cyclone flushing system is modern, powerful, quiet and efficient
  • 360 degree bowl and rim cleaning through powerful whirl-pool force
  • Look for a bowl rim that has no holes, its clean and look seamless
  • Flush Valve should be 3 to 4 inches
  • Trapway should be 2 inches higher and must be fully glazed

 Ways to check for the Best toilet to purchase

  • Check for the best rated toilets by amazon customers
  • Look at the best flushing toilet videos, if they are perfect
  • Toto and American Standard toilet brands are highly recommended

I hope these helps you decide which toilet brand and models is the best toilet to buy for you. Amazon.com is the best place to buy a toilet online,  you can order toilets online some with free shipping, it will come safely well-packed.