Actron CP9449 ABS Diagnostic Scan Tool: a great car scanner

Modern cars are way more than just four wheels, a frame and an engine, they are state of the art and very complicated machines that are in fact equipped with high tech computers in order for all their components to work together properly!

Actron CP9449This may be good news for road safety and ride comfort, but it’s also bad news when it comes to maintaining them! You see as anyone who is into technology can tell you, the more high tech stuff means more stuff that can go wrong or break down!

This problem is made even worse by the fact that most cars are equipped with just just one warning sign  for pretty much all their problems: the dreaded “check engine” light!

There are many different reasons that can cause this light to turn itself on  and they range from false alarms and generally easy to fix problems, to downright catastrophic or dangerous ones, such as an imminent engine failure! The real problem is, that unless the problem is really common or obvious, you can’t tell why that blasted light came on and how serious the problem that caused this is!

This leaves you with only one option: a trip to the car repair shop! The mechanic there will simply use a vehicle diagnostic scanner, or a code reader as some people call them, and he’ll figure out what the problem is in just a few seconds!

The reason for that is that all cars built from 1996 onwards, and many more before that, are equipped with a special system and protocol that stores all problems and malfunctions as soon as they occur in the car’s CPU, in the form of special codes.

The Auto Scanner tool is used in order to retrieve these codes, read them and see what specific problem they correspond to! These auto code reader and scanners are really affordable and easy to use nowadays, which means that you too can buy and use one and save some money by avoiding unnecessary trips to your car mechanic or repair shop!

In this car code reader review, we are going to take a close look to one of the best diagnostic scan tool models on the market: the Actron CP9449 ABS Diagnostic Scan Tool! Let’s find out why makes it so good and popular!

Actron CP9449 vehicle diagnostic scanner


Actron CP9449 Description

After great demand, by both car enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike, industry leaders have come up with a revolutionary and very versatile car diagnostic tool, the brand new CP9449 engine diagnostic! What sets this amazing car code reader apart from the competition though? Check best double din head unit

Unlike other car scan tools, the Actron CP9449 will do more than simply retrieve and display trouble codes from a car’s CPU! It will also use Actron’s unique BraskeScan technology to fully diagnose every component of a car’s ABS breaking system as well!

Actron is a company famous for making the first car code reader for commercial use and the Actron CP9449 BreakScan tool, is definitely one of their greatest products and achievements!

Actron CP9449: The amazing Features

  • Retrieves all codes and definitions!

Being a state of the art code reader for cars, the Actron CP9449 Brakescan will easily and quickly find and retrieve all the trouble codes stored in your car’s CPU! You can then use this data to make the most detailed and accurate diagnosis possible, regardless of your level of expertise in the inner workings of a car!

  • ABS Scanner!

Apart from collecting standard trouble codes, the Actron CP9449 car diagnostic scanner will also provide you with diagnostic data for just about every part of you car’s ABS system! This feature is usually only found on professional grade diagnostic tools made specifically for this purpose!

  • Great compatibility!

The amazing CP9449 by industry leaders Actron, is fully compatible with all cars made from 1996 onwards, regardless of maker or country of origin!

  • PC Updateable!

You can keep the Actron CP9449 always up to date, by connecting to your PC by using the special  USB connection cable! This will also ensure compatibility with all future models!

  • What’s in the box?

Inside the package of the Actron CP9449 you will find the unit itself, a specially designed OBDII connection cable, an easy to understand quick start manual and a very durable and extremely practical carrying case that you can use to store the unit and keep it out of harm’s way when it’s not being used!

Actron CP9449 engine diagnostic


Actron CP9449: Pros and Cons


  1. Really easy to use!
  2. It will retrieve all trouble codes and definitions fast and easily!
  3. It can provide you with diagnostic data regarding all parts of the ABS System of your car!
  4. It can be updated easily by using the internet!
  5. It’s fully compatible with all cars built from 1996 onwards, as well as with many before that!
  6. It comes with a really durable and handy carrying case included in the package!


  1. It won’t provide you with a fix for the problems it finds, so you’ll have to figure out yourself how and if you can fix them.
  2. A bit on the pricey side.


My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Mexico to celebrate our 13 year wedding anniversary. The best part about this trip was that it was child-free! I love my children dearly, but it is nice to get away with just the hubby. Gotta continue to pour into the marriage side of things, you know?! While there, we encountered something that left me a little troubled and wondering how to take amazing family vacations on a budget. I have a few ideas, but I want to learn a bit from you. How do you take great vacations with your family on a budget??? Let me back up a little and tell you the full story..

My husband surprised me by booking a beautiful all-inclusive resort by the ocean in the lovely country in Mexico. This was our first time staying at this resort and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was one of the best resorts in that city. We had no idea and totally lucked out by waiting until the last minute to book. Not by choice, mind you. We weren’t even sure we’d be able to pull it off this year because we just moved, celebrated two birthdays, his parent’s anniversary, and had one more birthday coming up. Funds were a little s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to say the least. Nevertheless, we were becoming teenagers (13 yrs) – we had to celebrate! In comes the last minute vacation booking by the hubby.Image result for HOW TO TAKE AMAZING FAMILY VACATIONS ON A BUDGET

We arrived and were whisked away to get our room information and to sign up for any excursions that we might be interested in. In addition to this, we were offered a romantic dinner and two couples massages for taking a tour of the hotel and listening to a brief presentation. Two free 50 minute massages? Done deal. We signed up, did the tour, and listened to all the wonderful features that this hotel chain offered for it’s “members.” Of course, nothing really mattered until we started talking numbers. (I’m a numbers girl, baby. Tell me how much and I’ll tell you what I can do.) In the end, the pay out (not including the monthly pay) was just too high for us at this season in our lives. Was it something that I would’ve wanted to do? Yes!!! This is still a sore spot for me because what they showed me were numerous opportunities for me to expose my children to different parts of the world and cultures. They showed me how I could take my only living parent and my in-laws, who are like my second set of parents, on amazing vacations and spoil them the way that they spoil me. And they really got me when they said that I could save more than half of what I’d normally pay to take these same vacations. Half?!?! Remember, I’m a numbers girl and, so far, the numbers were looking really good.

It wasn’t until we started talking about down payments in addition to monthly payments that things took a u-turn. That light that I started to see began to fade and with it, a little bit of my joy. I know that they are plenty who are able to pay what was being asked with no problem, but we we’re just not at that place right now. Does this mean my children can’t see all those wonderful sites? Or that I can’t splurge on my parents? Or that I can’t take amazing family vacations without spending an extreme amount of money? If so, then this revelation is bordering on some serious discouragement.


The only thing that came to me was that there has to be a way! And my determination of finding them just revved up even more! I have a few ideas, but I know many of you are doing it already. Many of you are traveling the world with your family and learning and making memorials that will last a lifetime… on a budget! I want to learn from you. We (other parents feeling the same the thing) want to learn from you! Maybe there will come a time when we won’t have to worry about the price of things, but right now we do. So, how do you do it? In the comment section below, share with us how to take AMAZING family vacations on a budget… because everyone, no matter the amount in your bank account, should be able to experience the world they live in.

There are many more ways, but here are a six to get the list started. Add on!

How to Take AMAZING Family Vacations on a Budget


1. All-inclusive vacations – booking off season will add to the savings

2. Vacation Rentals – save a ton on housing and live like a local

3. Take a group trip – traveling and staying with friends or additional families can help bring the total cost down

4. Take advantage of discounts – be aware of special deals going on for your location of choice

5. Road Trips – Driving can shave off a pretty penny when traveling with kids. They are also great for last minute trips!

6. Visit friends and family – Have friends or family in different states? Crash their place! Even offering to help out during your trip will be cheaper than having to pay for housing and food by yourself.


One of my family’s favorite ways to spend a day is hiking and photographing in the Hocking Hills State Park.  We have visited so many times and it seems there is always something new to see and so much beauty soak up.  Which area to hike in is left totally up to what kind of challenge you are willing to take on and there are some fantastic options for families with even small children.

Hiking in Hocking Hills State Park 


Ash Cave, which is a really large recessed cave/cliff area, is one great option.  We have been able to visit this cave since my children were toddlers because of the ease of access. It has a flat paved path that leads to a sandy cave bottom that my kids have always loved. For this visit though, we chose to enjoy Old Man’s Cave and Rock House.

My children are getting older which makes me more confident in their ability to maneuver stairs, bridges, and their ability to stay on and navigate somewhat rugged trails. This also makes the activity of hiking in Hocking Hills State Park more feasible. The Upper Falls part of Old Man’s Cave isn’t far from the parking area and it’s quite picturesque with a stone bridge and waterfall.  It’s easy to see why this is the park’s most popular area.  We spent a lot of time photographing and exploring the waterfalls and natural formations of Old Man’s Cave. There was a tunnel (my kids loved it!) and lots of stairs on the rest of the hike to the lower falls and on through it’s course.  This trail would have made me nervous with smaller kids because there were a couple of areas with steep drop-offs.

It rained just before we arrived which created a nice steamy foggy atmosphere and everything was so fresh and green. I was glad I packed ponchos and that the kids and I had on hiking sandals. Hiking sandals are great for kids because they are comfy and my little ones like to stomp around in the water. The sandals dry quickly and make for a decent grip on the slippery parts of our path. I was also glad I packed the bug repellent too because it was the perfect humid weather for mosquitoes.

The sun poked back through the clouds by the time we made it back to the car. We found a picnic table and ate our packed lunch while watching birds and squirrels in the trees around us. Such a lovely scenic place! Then we were off to Rock House. This trail loop was pretty short but definitely felt more like serious hiking with some steep ups and downs. It was well worth it because we all loved the beautiful sandstone cave.


We will definitely be returning soon for a new adventure and to enjoy more of the beautiful things at this amazing park. If you haven’t already, try hiking in Hocking Hills State Park! It’s a wonderful way to spend the day with your family!