We celebrated our big boy’s 8th birthday this summer. This was one year that we didn’t have to ask over and over again what he would like to do to celebrate. He had planned it out 3-4 months in advance… Legoland! We invited a few of his close friends, along with his two siblings and grandparents, and set out on our latest exciting adventure building skyscrapers at Legoland!

Building Skyscrapers at Legoland


I’d never visited Legoland before but I was looking forward it. It was a bucket list family outing that we had trouble finding time to actually go and do. Planning it for a birthday celebration was the perfect solution. Upon walking up to Legoland in Schaumburg, IL, you are immediately greeted by a giant giraffe named Lela. You have to walk under her body to enter the building. After getting your tickets, you have the option of standing in front of a green screen and taking a photo that will be available for purchase at the end of your time there or moving on to the first exhibit.

The first exhibit is a small lego version of the city of Chicago that includes Navy Pier with boats and the ferris wheel, skyscrapers, concerts in the park, the Chicago Theatre, construction sites, and more. The kids had a fun time pointing out places they recognized. Just before leaving that area, President Obama makes himself available for family photos and selfie shots (lego-inspired, of course).

At the entrance of the Jungle Expedition, Indiana Jones welcomes you to come explore large life-like tigers, monkeys, hippos, and snakes. It’s a little dark in there, so little ones may need a hand to squeeze. A room with a BIG lego table just begging to be touched and played with is just on the other side of the jungle. Tall building structures take up the middle part of the table while small chairs and hundreds (if not thousands) of lego pieces are supplied to let the imagination run free.

Legoland also has a movie theater with a 4D feature showing for all it’s guests. The movie was about 15-20 minutes, but was pretty entertaining… especially when watching the kids almost jump out of their seats as animals seem to escape the screen. I totally laughed a couple times. lol!

There is an indoor playground complete with climbing tunnels, water play area, and rides! Here is one of the two rides that are at Legoland and what I like about them the most is that parents can get on too! Totally not ashamed. I fully embrace the inner kid in me as often as I’m allowed.  Besides, it was fun! Also in the playground section are snacks and seating if you need a little break.


We had a wonderful time building skyscrapers at Legoland.. and watching the cool movie and going on rides and seeing cities built out of legos AND building some awesome structures of our own. Both of my two younger children are already planning their birthday parties at Legoland. I guess we’ll be heading that way again – very soon.

Interested in checking out Legoland for yourself? Visit their Legoland Discovery Center website to find a location near you!